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    I agree with almost all of what orphanedhanyou said. For girls my favorites are Mila, Olivia, Audrey and Keira. There are a number of your girls names which I would never use (particularly Bentley and Oakley - I really dislike "luxury brand" names, as they read tacky to me). Your boy's names are not necessarily objectionable (with the exception of Beckham), though surnames as first names is not my style - of your list my favorite is Beckett.

    I know you said you weren't aiming for B names, but what about Bailey (for a boy or girl), Bennett (boy) or Burton (boy)?

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    I personally don't see a problem with Bentley and am always confused with the criticism. Briella and Brinley are okay however, I prefer Brynn. To me, the -ley ending just seems to trendy. That's just my opinion though because I'm into more masculine names for girls (Peyton, Quinn etc). Maybe you'll like Quinn! It has similar sounds to Brynn.

    I don't really like Boston I feel like there are many other, better sounding place names to use for a boy if you wanted to go that route. I really like Mila though! and Mila Kunis definitely helps to steer the pronunciation in the right direction. I don't think it will be a problem.

    Amaya: I like it but it definitely depends on your surname! (I know a girl who wanted to use it but her surname completely ruined it)
    Oakley: Cute but I prefer Oak as a middle for a boy so I wouldn't use it. I'm not big on the -ley endings.
    Audrina: I think it's refreshing just because of all the Audrey's and Aubrey's. I like it a lot
    Braylynn: Y overload!
    Livia: Because of the popularity of Olivia I feel as though this name will just be confusing later (your daughter may think people are calling her name)
    Everly: Everly is one of the -ly names I like! However, I fear it's becoming too popular.
    Melina: Meh.... Not a fan
    Sophia: Beautiful but too popular for my tastes.
    McKenna: I love the name McKenna even though it receives criticism.
    Finley: Prefer Finn for a boy rather than the feminine -ley ending.
    Kiana and Kyra: Nothing wrong with them but I wouldn't use either.

    By far, Audrina and Mila are the the best names!

    I LOVE all your boys names except for Paxton, Maddox and Crosby. The associations are too strong.
    I know people may say the same thing about Beckham but I've fallen in love with it recently. It's a softer version of Beckett which I really like.

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    i like :Mila , Amaya,Oakley, Braylynn - (but spelt Braelynn), livia, Melina is nice perhaps mila as a nn for this name? Or Maliyah/Maliah, Kiana like this as well as kiara and tiana, kyra ( my cousins name- always been complimented on her name and she says it as key-ra) Hudson < LOVE Paxton i prefer baxter to this.. but those are the ones i liek best ! xx
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    Future names--
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    I like
    Boston (if it has meaning for you go for it. I think to not use it, because of the tragedy is dumb. All the more to honor a city or place you have ties to while it's down. On the other hand, if you have no ties there I say don't use it)
    I do like Revere for boy though.
    Beckett (both on my favorites list)
    I also like Maddox but not on my list.

    For the girls I like:
    Mila (ok, pronunciation is not much of a problem)
    Sophia (#1 name in the country, but it's pretty)

    Suggestions (if you're looking for something else)(most these work for either gender):
    Truman (boy)
    Marcy (girl)
    Stella (girl)
    Mitchell (probably a boy)
    Paige (probably a girl)
    Selina/Sabine/Serena (girl)

    I also suggest looking through the family tree since surnames as first names seem your style. (maybe your maiden name or your mother's maiden or his mother's maiden name, etc.)
    Good Luck!
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    Amaya - I've met one (who wasn't super pleasant). It's a nice name. I'm not wild about it.
    Audrina - just seems like Audrey trying to be different
    Briella - I actually really like this. It's trendy, but fun and lovely. I also like Britta and Berlin (which I much prefer to Braylyn and it's variations)
    Livia - love! It does feel like a knock off of Olivia, but it's still so lovely I can't not like it. Livy gives me happy chills.
    Everly - yea, it's trendy, but I don't care. I love it!
    Melina - sorry, but all I hear is melanoma
    Sophia - it's a lovely name, but I know many
    McKenna - I feel like I know hundreds. I work with kids and there is at least 1 in my group every year. Spelled 10 different ways of course.
    Finley - feels very masculine to me
    Kiana - trendy and not in a way I like. Tiana I like though!
    Kyra - I prefer Kira, but it's okay. Not terrible

    Hudson - I like it! Huck is cute too. It's a great name with lovely history.
    Beckett - I like it. A lot! Might be might fave on your boys like
    Beckham - I much prefer Beckett
    Paxton - meh, okay, not wild about it.
    Crosby - Bing? Stills & Nash? ..... bill? lol, there's just too many connections or partial connections for me to consider this a name.
    Maddox - Mad Dog? sorry, that's all I think of.

    My faves are Briella, Livia, Everly, Hudson and Beckett!
    Top Names: Benedict Calvin & Noelle Geneva
    Olivia/Livy : Darah/Bethel : Eve/Verity
    Eli/Solomon : Luke/Zane: Levi/Phineas
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