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    Thank you everyone I really appreciate your feedback... I actually wanted to clarify... Caius is my DH pick and we would pronounce it kay-us, I've actually been trying to decide if it is a wearable first name in America and also find a compatible and familiar middle name. I just paired it with Alexander last week. I will run your suggestions by DH I like Armand & Lucian!

    Any more suggestions are still welcome, thank you again for taking the time to share your thoughts

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    Aurelia and Linus sound nice together, similar meaning. Especially if you have blonde kids.
    Aurelia and Alexander
    Aurelia and Leopold
    Aurelia and Nicholas
    Aurelia and Augustus
    Aurelia and Lucas
    Aurelia and Benjamin
    Aurelia and Julius
    Aurelia and Vincent

    I like Caius Alexander, too. Best of luck!

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