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Thread: Perfect pair?

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    Sebastian and Arabella work well together!

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    I also think Arabella and Sebastian, but maybe it sounds natural because of the band Belle & Sebastian....? Either way, it works!

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    I like Sebastian!

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    Sebastian's my favourite too!
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    Arabella and Xavier is probably my favorite simply because I like Xavier.
    Arabella and Hunter reminds me of, "Snow White and the Huntsmen."
    I love Mason but I just don't think it goes with Arabella.
    Sebastian is an alright name but I have heard from a lot of people that every Sebastian they know is a brat. lol I don't personally know any kids named Sebastian but this is what i've heard... a lot. lol

    What about
    Arabella and Edmund
    Arabella and Eddison
    Arabella and Louis
    Arabella and Manuel
    Arabella and Fredrick
    Arabella and Thomas
    Arabella and Harrison
    Arabella and Benjamin
    Arabella and William
    Arabella and Alexander

    I also like Seazuno's idea of Arabella and Gregory.
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