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    To Pen Name, or Not to Pen Name?

    For those of you who HAVE decided to use a pen name, why did you? And what was your reasoning behind the name you chose?

    For those of you who decided not to, same question: why?
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    At my school, we have a school newspaper that you can anonymously post in stories to be published. So far, I am the only who actually posts in stories, apart from someone called "Jason Yip", who seems to enjoy writing about spontaneously combusting elephants.
    I go under the alias of "Edith Macmorgan", because my actual name has far to many syllables for the untrained mouth to comprehend.

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    I don't have the normal kind of pen name. Instead of using a normal fake name as a pen name, I use personal names. For example, my initials are E, L, M, so I use the pen name ELM or Elm. Also, my username here is Rainierloner, right? Well, I used an anagramer to take my first and middle name and make words out of them-- all scrambled up, my name is Rainier Loner, or Rainierloner. I am using a pen name in my stories to create mystery in my books. A secret is always more interesting than the plain truth.
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    I thought I had come up with the perfect pen name several years ago - a contraction of the road name my grandma lives on and a contraction of a family surname - until I came across a song with an almost identical title to my pen name. The band and the song are both pretty well known so I had to decide against using the pen name and I'm yet to come up with another that has both meaning and is something I love the sound of.

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    not a writer but id use a different name if mine was too common for search purposes, no one wants to search for a book by John Smith

    otherwise as a reader, i like knowing a writer has put all of themselves out there, that they arent hiding, because pen names kinda give the feeling of 'well if the book doesnt do well my reputation is still okay'

    if someone did it to ensure privacy (if they get famous lol) i think people should keep it close to home, like Natalie Portman taking inspiration from her Grandmother. not some crazy name you just wish was your real name

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