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    It would be nice to meet a little girl named Jane, so pure and simple.

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    Jane - think of a sweet girl who likes to stay within the lines. The name is familiar, but not boring.

    Calla - something about this name is exotic to me. It's unique and transforms across all ages.

    Lilia - the sound is pretty, but the "lil" sound is so overdone that I'm tired of it. She would likely have able 3 Lilly's in her class.

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    I think they're all gorgeous! Jane is my favourite, and then Lilia, but I do like Calla a lot as well!
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    thanks a lot

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    Jane - Classic, pretty, can be cutesy for a baby girl with Janie or very sophisticated for the adult Jane
    Calla - Different but very pretty, romantic but not too frilly.
    Lilia - Too frilly for me, and sounds unfinished because I want to say Lilian. Jane and Lilian or Lilian and Calla would be great sister names.

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