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    Jul 2012

    Exclamation WDYT of Jane/ Calla/ Lilia? Your First Impression?

    Thanks a lot))

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    Apr 2012
    I have been liking Jane more and more recently. It has become more quirky & cool and losing the old and boring now [it is cool old]
    Calla is beautiful
    I have always like Lilia and it reminds me of the professional dancer on 'Strictly Come Dancing

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    Jun 2013
    Jane - gaining popularity again, was one of the mean girls at my school growing up, but when i see it now i think of Jane Austin and Jane Eyre - elegant classic, i just could never use it
    Calla - reminds me of my niece Callie, prefer Callie
    Lillia - prefer Lily

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    Jul 2013
    Jane - I've always loved it - but as middle name spot. But I think it's getting stronger to first name spot. It's elegant, old-fashioned, but not boring anymore.
    Calla - Love it. It's a beautiful strong name.
    Lilia - It's really pretty, seems a bit more unique than Lily.

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    I love Jane - a really sweet name that is adorable on a baby and will grow well.
    Calla is pretty but seems incomplete to me or something about saying it out loud is a bit awkward (I cannot really put my finger on why, though, so probably not that helpful!). I think Callie is a very cute nn. And Calla is pretty.
    Lilia - a friend used this name earlier in the year and I was not sure how to pronounce it. I have to think about it each time before I say it to get it right.

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