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    Thoughts on Chase?

    I'm really crushing on Chase after watching the TV series House, my husband said he loved it so I'm really starting to consider it.
    We aren't expecting, just like to think ahead.

    What I'm wondering is, does it sound too trendy and is it enough of a name?
    I don't really like surname names, but this one feels different.

    And, it's also a word name! Could this be a problem? Word names aren't usually my thing either, but boy names are hard enough to agree on.
    What do you think?
    (We are thinking Chase Alexander M)
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    I'm not hip on word names or surnames myself, so Chase isn't one of my personal favorites, but Chase Alexander is a great name. I think it definitely is "enough of a name," on it's own, and for those times when first and middle names are used, it pairs wonderfully with the longer and more formal Alexander. I know two Chase's--both are in high school and their name seems to be one that grows well with a person. It may fall under the trendy category, so i guess it somewhat depends on whether that bothers you or no.
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    To me, Chase is just okay, but if you both like it I say go for it. It does seem a little trendy at the moment, but I think that it's a solid enough name that it will age pretty well regardless of that. Chase Alexander is a great combo!

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    I know several Chases in their teens and twenties, so it feels kind of dated to me. I really don't have an opinion on it, but Dr. Chase was a cutie.

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    I think of dr. Chase, he looks exactly like Husband so good association! I think it's a nice word and a nice name.
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