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    I grew up with a Mary(fn) Beth(mn) and she went by Mary Beth. I had no idea her first name was just Mary. Once you tell someone once, they will likely get it right. I prefer it un-hyphenated as well and think its a darling name. There is no saying she can't have a double first name and a middle name. Another option would be MaryKate with no space, but then you get the K not being capitalized appropriately. Mary Beth from school had a sister Mollyann.

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    I prefer Mary Kathryn as first and middle, with Mary Kate (no hyphen) as the nickname. I don't think it'd be complicated to say, "This is Mary Kathryn, we're calling her Mary Kate." It's not any more complicated than saying "This is Elizabeth, we're calling her Beth."
    I agree with this.
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    Interesting feedback, thanks! First I just wanted to know out of curiosity, now I'm really starting to like the idea of Mary-Kate! I'd love to use it as a first name altogether (with the hyphen I think) so I could give her a middle name that would be just for her (not honoring family since both first names already do). Trouble is I can't decide if that's "too much name." The first combo that came to mind was Mary-Kate Fiona (I'd want an Irish middle). but with my last name being three syllables, this kind of goes against my rule of changing the syllable count. Mary-Kate Fiona Mc_______ has three syllables in the first, middle and last name technically. Somehow it still sounds okay to me though, maybe because of the break in the name Mary-Kate. I know I'm over analyzing but humor me.. What do you think?

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