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    More curious than considering.. question about Mary Kate!

    I cant imagine my husband would ever go for this one and it would be out of my familiar naming zone as well. But it popped into my head the other day and I wondered.. whats the common way to do Mary Kate as a name? Do most people to Mary-Kate (hyphen or no hyphen) a full first name, followed by a middle name. Or in most cases is Mary the first name, and Kate or one of its forms the middle name? When brainstorming names the other day I was trying to think my ways to honor our mothers. His mother's middle name is Mary and my mother's first name is Kathryn and it occured to me that Mary Kathryn lends itself to Mary Kate quite easily, but then your actual first name would be Mary and everyone knows you as Mary Kate. Is that weird? How do most do it!? Ha, sorry if I'm the only idiot who finds it confusing. I have never met any Mary Kates and once the question popped into my head I had to get it answered.

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    I recommend Mary-Kate. I think the hyphen makes it very clear that she is to be called by both names all the time. If you name her Mary Kate as a double first name with no hyphen, people will likely assume that Kate is her middle name and just call her Mary. If you give her the first name Mary and middle name Kate, she will probably still just get Mary. I think the hyphen is the best option. I would love to meet a little Mary-Kate!

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    think most who want their child called Mary Kate use: Mary-Kate

    without the hyphen there could be confusion if Kate is a middle name. even if it is the only middle, the hyphen is the only way people know to include it.

    i think using Mary Kathryn is getting too complex when all you really want is a first name 'Mary-Kate', plus it sounds like a nun.

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    I have a cousin who is named Mary Catherine. She goes by Mary Catherine 100% of the time and it is not hyphenated. It is a double first name and she has a middle as well. That said, I prefer Mary Kate without the hyphen.

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    I would def. Go Mary-Kate as a first name, add middle.. Love Mary-Kate!!
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