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    If I reach a point where I can't find a name I like as much as a top 50 name, I'd still consider using it.
    From experience thought, I had like 5 Amandas in my class and you'd have to refer to them as Amanda H., Panda, *insert last name*... it just got ridiculous when you'd have to stop a conversation to specify which Amanda you were referring to. I thought it ruined the beauty of the name by having to refer to the person either by their last name or an alternate name. Even the nicknames were of the surname (which is why I stopped as I didn't want to post people's last names on the internet). So for me it was just from personal experience.

    In all honesty, I just took the qualities I liked from the name and searched for a name containing those qualities and they're out there. I even combined qualities from 2 names I loved to search for a new name. It's hard to find 1 name with all the same qualities from a previous one, so i sort of cut and paste (without overtly creating) to get there
    I'm just one of those that would prefer to keep a name to myself until I'm 6 months pregnant as my friends/family members are the type of people to use name you like before you do. When I'm pregnant you'd be the first test audience for my names.
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    Stella* - Though I love and would consider using Stella it is an issue because Ella and Bella is far more popular along with all of the Elle/Ellie's.
    Alexa* - Too many Alexis's, but I love the nn Lexi
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    Australia/ UK
    Amelia - hate that its popular but probably going to end up using it because of a dream i had about having a girl named that.
    Sophia - always loved that name but its just too popular
    Emma - i have two my grandma, aunt and cousin is called that so its out
    Emily - its just everywhere

    ( how do you guys make the names clickable ? )
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    writing a novel and not having babies anytime soon.

    girls: Nina, Sage, Blair, Penelope nn: Poppy/Posey/Lola, Cordelia, Cecily/Cecelia/Celia, Amelia, Hazel, Willow
    boys: Damian, Emmett, Nathan, Chase, Nathaniel, Jesse, Blaise, Dash

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    I like a lot of popular names especially boys-Jack, Oliver etc. For girls-Julia + Emily.

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    Quote Originally Posted by annadeak View Post
    ( how do you guys make the names clickable ? )
    Your names are clickable now, you just wait a little bit after posting and it's done for you .

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