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Thread: Marnie?

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    The more I hear this name the more I like it. What do you think of it? Does it sound too much like a nickname and what full names could you use to get the nickname, Marnie?

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    I LOVE Marnie as a standalone name. It feels a bit nicknamey, but no worse than Jamie or Marcie. I would love to meet a little Marnie! If you really want to use a longer name, you may like: Marina, Martina, Marin, Marcellina, Marcheline, Marilyn, Marian, Marlene, Marsellonia, Maryanne, Marzena.

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    I like it is a stand alone name too. I just wasn't sure if it was too nicknamey.

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    I like it but it had to grow on me! It reminds me of Millie, Sadie, Josie, etc., all the old lady nicknames that are coming back into style. I would say it's too nicknamey for a stand-alone but there's not really a standard full name for it so I think it's fine on its own.
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