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    My favorite boy name for as long as I can remember has been Charles. I'm getting older and my boyfriend and I are getting closer and closer to TTC. Which is so exciting to me because I have been broody since I was 20. I haven't thought too much about boy names because girl names are more fun, haha.

    Anyway, I need middle names! These are family names:
    Ray (too Ray Charles???)

    Last name is very very similar to Buckowski. Like Charles Buckowski. Is that too weird???

    Thoughts? Ideas?

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    I would go with Charles Augustus.

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    Charles Augustus is great. About as good as it can get with the last name Buckowski : )
    Percy Raphael Wallace Mercury Duncan Ignatius Jules Balthasar
    . . . . Pip Wes Danny Jules . . . . . . . . .
    Catherine Olimpia Marguerite Aliénor Elisabet Valentina Guinevere Paloma
    Cato Maru Liesl Gwen . . . . . .
    Hero Artemisia Lola Scheherazade Casimir Estéban Otto Murphy

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    I like Charles Augustus the most.

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    Charles Bartowski was the name of the lead character on Chuck (I loved that show). Of the names you gave, my pick would be Charles Oscar, but really, since you are using a family middle, I would just pick the name of the person you would most like to honor.

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