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    William can also go by Will, Wim, Liam, etc.

    I like Walker as a first name, and Wilder had the same sort of feel as Walker and Malcolm to me.
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    William is great. You can even call him Liam, see how that makes them feel.

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    Thank you all for responding!

    1) Thanks to everyone for suggesting flipping the names around. I feel silly for not thinking of Walker William. Probably because all my brain power to being diverted to baby making. It doesn't flow quite as smoothly as William Walker but wins on the "cool name" list. Thinking of nicknames if we used Walker. We tend to be a nickname bunch.

    2) anotherkate - Since so few of the family knew what names we had chosen, we would look like the copycats and that would be even more irritating than their using Malcolm in the first place. I am enjoying a bit of revenge though. They keep calling him "Mal." I do feel for the baby but get a little snide joy hearing them refer to him as "Bad."

    3) For those who suggested Marcus. We both really like the name but our last name is Lewis and Marcus Lewis is kind of silly. We also had to lose my all time favorite girl's name, Alice, for the same reason. DH and I are still nuts over Rosemarie Blythe for a girl though!

    So right now I am leaning towards Walker William for a boy. Maybe Kerr as a nickname? Or hope something cute just happens. DH likes the nn Romy if a girl.

    Thanks again everyone!

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    It is a lot of L sound for last name Lewis. Maybe stick William in the middle and go with another name you like. Walker as a fn is cute, I like the nn Kerr.
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