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    Quote Originally Posted by m_rae View Post
    I just wanted to say I am so glad to see Alder in use! Both Alder and Soren are in our top 3 for boys. Casper is choice number 3! (A family name!)
    I love Alder's name! It suits him perfectly. I got to it in a backwards way, because my grandfather's name was Vernon, which I didn't care for, but in looking at meanings it meant "from the Alder grove" and I immediately fell in love with Alder. He's not quite 2, and we get many compliments on his name.

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    I like Evander, Graham, Everett and Marcus. I can't get my liberal self to see Heston as a viable name because of Mr. 2nd Amendment Charlton. lol

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    I think my brain is on name overload. Today, I still like Soren, I like Sage, and Devon. Neither of the last two are names I would have considered my style, but there you go. And I have always and will always love the name Evan, but it's so stinking popular.

    I like Soren Jove or Soren Josiah
    Sage Jonah
    Devon Josiah
    Evan Joss, Evan Josiah

    I like Joseph in its true form, but my hubby is adamant that we are not using that. My mom and MIL both have Jo as their middle names and my dad's name is Joseph, so I want the Jo- in the middle name.

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    Evander would meet your search for a less popular name but would also give you the nn Evan you love so much .

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