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    Ezra Reid and Aria Grace

    I love the fact that Ezra and Aria are love interests on Pretty Little Liars. I think that is a cool connection.
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    Love Ezra and Aria, they are both on our list.

    Aria is a little trendy at the moment so I would go with a more classic middle like Jane.

    I like Ezra Thomas the best.
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    I really like both of your girls' choices. I haven't really taken notice of Xena before, but I like it. Of your combos, I think Xena Rachelle and Aria Jennifer go nicely, though I like both Grace and Jane with Xena, too. I like both about the same, but if I had to pick one it would be Xena because it's so uncommon. I would be THRILLED to meet sisters Xena and Aria.

    On the boys side, I like Reid. I think Reid Eugene goes together best.

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    I prefer Reid to Ezra, but Ezra is a very nice name as well. In terms of strictly looks/sound, I prefer Xena to Aria, but Xena also always makes me think of the warrior princess, so I'm torn.

    Ezra Thomas
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    Xena is actually my favorite name I've ever come across, but I'm worried that people might think that I was trying to be too unique or something. It's Greek for "guest" which makes me really like Xena Grace ("guest of grace").

    Thank you all for your suggestions so far!

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