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    Interesting Family Names

    My Great Aunt just passed away a few months ago. She was 100 years old and was the last sibling that my Grandfather had. My Grandfather is an identical twin and one of 7 children in his family (his twin passed away many years ago due to lung cancer). My Grandfather's father was also apart of a big family and he was one of 14 children himself.

    After my Great Aunt's viewing I was with my Grandfather going through a box of my her old pictures and letters trying to sort through things. We found an envelope with a letter and a small index card. On the index card was a list of names and birthdays of my grandfather's father's family. My great grandfather was the second oldest child in his family and was born in 1882. His older brother was born in 1880 and his youngest sister was born in 1907 (my poor great great grandmother spent over 20 years off and on being pregnant).

    The list of names was very interesting and I thought I would share them with all of you fellow name lovers. Some of the names below are names that I cannot find information or even knew they existed such as Mildora, Luvinia and Leolar. It is neat to see how some names that were used over 100 years ago are becoming popular again today!

    William Harrison (my great-great grandfather)
    Joan (my great- great grandmother; no middle name listed)

    Jonathan Edward
    George Wilburn (my great grandfather)
    Linnie Mae
    Princess Matilda
    Ruthy Rebecca
    Quincy Layfette
    Martha Luvinia
    Laura Alice
    Mary Leolar
    James Crockett
    Rachel Elizabeth
    Rhoda Mildora
    Sarah Cordelia
    Gertrude Louise

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    Great list! I have a Lovinia in the family tree, as well. I love finding unique names in my ancestry.

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    Queensland, Australia.
    Is this an Australian list?
    Mildora is similar to a popular town, Mildura, famous for orange juice.
    And how cool is Princess! That just seems so ahead of it's time, I bet it would have been rare back then.

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    My grandmother's family have/had really unusual names in her generation. She's 93, and her name is Maree Kasusa. Her brothers were Richard and Hadley. Her sisters were Theda Bara, Billie Dee, and Berva Dawn.

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    I also have two different ancestors named Lavinia.

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