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    FAMILY FROM AFRICA: African baby names

    DH: Shango Amari
    DW: Marjani Taraja

    DS: Omari Taye
    DD: Nyala Esha
    DD: Zuri Kamaria

    FAMILY FROM AMERICA: Taken from 2012 Most Popular Names in the US

    DH: Conner Eduardo
    DW: Zoe Elisa

    DD: Penelope Isobel
    DS: Charles Antonio
    DS: Leopold Cristian

    FAMILY FROM FRANCE: Taken from French baby names

    DH: Olivier Blaise
    DW: Zara Carol

    DD: Adele Therese
    DD: Genevieve Sophie
    DD: Juliette Lucia

    FAMILY FROM England: Taken from British baby names

    DH: Hugh Jasper
    DW: Beatrix Clementine

    DS: Leo Euan
    DS: Rhys Callum
    DS: Finlay Piers
    Ezra Ronen | Solomon Levi | Abraham Dov
    Rayna Zipporah | Mayim Eve | Avia Yakira | Ruth Tikvah

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