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    HELP!! Need Name Inspiration

    Hi all
    We're expecting in the Spring!! I've posted these names before and I'm needing some serious inspiration

    I don't like:
    I don't like pretentious girls or guy names or names that are overused. Not keen on misspellings of common names, made up names or surnames as first names.

    I like
    I'm looking for different names that aren't trying to hard. Timeless names that aren't tired. Modern names that are strong. Want to evoke a bit of a bohemian feel while still being grounded. (Our son is named Kai and we love this husband and I landed on it and never left) (A friend of mine named her girl Ellowin which is Welsch name and I love this name too)

    Here's my list so far -- maybe you've seen it before. Would love more suggestions THANK YOU


    Solenne (Leni), Eve, Zoe, Nora, Claudia, Ada, Annie, Fiona, Nina
    Kai, Ronan, Emmett, Finn, Theo, Ian, Will

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