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    Wink New Names, opinions and middle names suggestions needed!!!!

    I have rediscovered a few names that I have fallen in love with, lol. Here they are:
    Ayla, Adalyn, Annika, and Avery... all for a girl.

    So, what do you think of these two? I wouldn't use them for siblings. But I might have one or the other. Middle name suggestions would be great. For Ayla, I would like a longer middle name. I want something kind of different, but nothing crazy. For, Adalyn, I want something different, but still not nothing crazy. I'm not the biggest fan of unisex names (although I like Emerson and Avery for girls). Adalyn would be called Addie a lot of the time. I don't want a filler middle name (Rose, Marie, Lynn, etc.) Opinions about these names, middle name suggestions, or anything you think would be helpful will be greatly appreciated.



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