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    I really like Fiona! I wouldn't naturally think of a Shrek association at all. Very pretty!
    I also like:

    Bronwyn / Bronwen

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    casilda Guest
    If you're worried about Fiona being tied too closely to Shrek, you should probably take Daenerys off your list, too. That'll forever be associated with GoT since it was made up for the series and all.

    Fiona is fine, I don't think of Shrek at all.

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    We like the pair of Fiona Guinevere. Any othrr suggestions?

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    Fiona is lovely and goes beautifully with your other names. I'm also a fan of Guinevere. Since Eris was a "bad" Greek goddess, I wouldn't pick this one (discord, chaos and strife) I wouldn't go with this one. Scarlett doesn't seem to go, Daenarys is a little too GoT for my taste.

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    Fiona is lovely! My mind went to singer Fiona Apple first. Finola is a close alternative, if the Shrek thing really bothers you, but I don't think it's a big deal.

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