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    I am like you, I like to have my ducks in a row too, so hope some of these suggestions help.


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    Holiday (you could use this to get to nn Dailey!)

    I love love love Berkeley, btw!
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    I love Berkeley too ... and Kennedy.
    BUT I get the feeling that those are names he's just settling on.
    Oh difficult one.

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    Of Kennedy and Berkeley, I far, far prefer Kennedy. It has a pleasant sound. It does feel a little like its day in the sun passed a bit, but it's got positive associations to the president (for me, anyway). Berkeley is to close to Barklay/Barclay/Barkley etc for me. I know so many people that have named their dogs Barklay etc lately (maybe this is just a US thing though, are you elsewhere?) - I think it's a weird not to Charles Barclay and Gnarles Barkley, or however you spell it, applied to dogs. I also think Berkeley will be hard for people to spell. And it makes me think of Burqas. Nonetheless if you can't agree on anything else you could do worse, and I do know that if I met a little Berkeley I'd get over the concerns quickly enough.

    Let's see

    Kennedy, Berkeley, Dailey, Shea, Harper, Quinn, Hadley, Nova, Julia, Brianna, Brittany, Nova, Courtney, Frost....

    Aileen (active like he likes, Irish like you both seem to like)
    Amanda (a bit of an 80s/90s name like many he likes but more classic)
    Amelia (takes his Julia and updates it)
    Amy (See Amanda, ee ending)
    Anna (See Brianna, but more classic)
    Avery (3 syllable ee ending)
    Bailey (like Berkeley + Dailey)
    Carter (like Harper + Courtney)
    Cecily (Kennedy's rhythm, different sound)
    Cecilia (see above for Cecily + Julia)
    Chelsea (More of that bouncy rhythm but a little grounded, a little 80s/90s but not terribly so)
    Cora (Courtney + Nova)
    Coralie (Courtney + Berkeley)
    Delaney (Kennedy's rhythm + a bit of Dailey)
    Ellery (Kennedy's rhythm)
    Elodie (Kennedy's rhythm)
    Emerson (a little uni, not quite presidential like Kennedy but a prominant American surname)
    Emily (Kennedy's rhythm)
    Eva (A different take on Nova)
    Everly (Kennedy's rhythm)
    Fifer (Harper's rhythm)
    Flora (Frost + Nova)
    Harlow (Like Harper)
    Isla (Bouncy but updated)
    Jacqueline (nn Jackie) (basically from Kennedy, and an energetic nickname)
    Jamie (bouncie, cute)
    Kelly (Kennedy + lee)
    Kelsey (see Chelsea)
    Kerensa (Kennedy-esque, more feminine)
    Kirby - bouncy, uni, K
    Mae - Shea, more feminine
    Maeve - see Mae
    Marlo/Marlow/Marlowe - surname is, another way
    Melanie - Kennedy's rhythm
    Nadia - athletic, Julia's rhythm kind of
    Nadine - see Nadia, mixing it up a bit
    Natalie - Kennedy's rhythm
    Nina - Nova + bouncy
    Nora - Nova plus more familiar
    Novalee - Nova + Berkeley's ending
    Parker - Harper's rhythm
    Piper - Harper's rhythm
    Quinby - Quinn + an ee ending
    Quincy - see Quinby
    Regan - presidental, 80s evocative, but also Shakespearean
    Rosalie - Kennedy's rhythm
    Teagan - another Irish surname
    Valerie - Kennedy's rhythm
    Waverly - Kennedy's rhythm

    OK, hope that gets you going!

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