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    Need help with girl names ... and a particularly difficult husband.

    So I'll preface this by saying I know it's a tall order...
    My husband and I have very different views on baby names.
    I've heard plenty of "you're the one having the baby, you're the one who gets to pick" ... but to be honest he's pretty invested in this aspect and I'd really like to have him along as a partner rather than a push over.

    He really tends to like the names I connect with "cheerleader". (No, there's nothing wrong with that....just not my personal style.)
    The two names we agree on are Kennedy and Berkeley.

    We've gone through lists and lists and books and websites ...
    We need help!


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    With Kennedy & Berkeley to go on, I'd suggest:


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    Can you give us a little more to go on? What are some of your favorites that don't quite fit with his style?
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    I think one of the big problems is that I've not got any specific "type" of name ...
    I like Dailey (probably my fave but he hates it because it sounds like "daily special, daily news, etc)
    I also like Shea, Harper (though it's a no because we owned a dog named Harper), Hadley, & Quinn but those are out.
    To be honest I had a list going and I'm sure that would have been a lot more help ... but he nixed so many w/out reason that I got frustrated and deleted the list ... and have stopped trying so much.
    I'm also open to names outside the box ... Nova, for instance.

    Names that he likes ... and I'm not fond of:
    Julia, Britney, Brianna, Courtney
    His outside the box (maybe too far?) name:

    We've got *some* time, due date is October 20....but I'm the type of person who really likes to have my ducks in a row.

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