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    PLEASE PLEASE HELP! No name at all for second baby due in 2 weeks

    Please help! I am really struggling with a name for my second baby due in 2 weeks. My DH and I have been looking for months now and cannot find any names that we both really like (for a girl or a boy) and the stress of it all is really starting to get to us! I like unusual names with a variation on spelling but don't want something that people will miss-pronounce. My own name is like this (Adria) and i have went my whole life being called so many variations that I answer to lots of different names! My 3 year old daughter is called 'Lillia' which I still love and i would really like a name that goes with that. I love the 'L' sound and would probably have called the baby Lola if our dog wasn't called that! That's if the baby is a girl, we don't know what we are having.

    The only names that I have only my girl list at the minute are Luna, but I would spell it Louna and Aria/Ariah .My DH isn't keen on either. He thinks Louna will lead to teasing and the few people i have mentioned it to have all said, 'What Una?' or that reminds me on lunatic. Ariah I like but my Dh thinks it's too much like my own name. That's why i put the H on the end.

    Boys list consists of ..... nothing! Tom was on there for a while but it's not unsual at all, doesn't really go with Lillia and as much as i think it's a nice name, i cant see me calling my son it. Thought of Larkin and Lochlin to carry on the L theme but that's all i came up with.

    Please give me your opinion on the names above or any suggestions of your own. I want the baby to have a middle name too!

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