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    middle name help and thoughts on compromising/name regret

    Okay, sorry to keep posting but it's been very helpful and I am so confused about this name. We are one day away from meeting this baby and I am worrying that I might have some name regret over the name we are choosing. I am wondering how many of you have had to give up all the names you really loved and wanted because your partner did not like them, and choose instead a compromise name that felt less than perfect to you? If so, did it end up working out for you in the end?
    We are most likely naming our son Jack. There are things I like about the name, even love, and then things I don't love so much. It feels far from perfect but our only other compromise name, August, also does not feel right- even less so than Jack. So I'm wondering if anyone can speak to this situation who has been in a similar place?

    And also since Jack is probably the name we are using, the last choice I have to make is the middle name. My husband is fine with either Hawthorne or Henry. I am torn because Hawthorne feels more special and has the nature connection I want. It is also a family name with meaning but I love love the name Henry and my husband won't do it for a first name.

    Thanks for all the help over the past few months, I really appreciate it!
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    My first son's name was definitely a compromise. Alexander was nowhere on any of my lists. I don't regret it at all -- it's a perfect name for him and I love it so much now. But it took a lot of my other favorite names off the table because they wouldn't have matched with the style of Alexander. My second child was named after her great-grandmothers, so that was an easy one. Had a lot of trouble naming #3, though. Genevieve was a compromise name, too, and I had a really hard time settling into it. I kind of had name regret for probably the first year of her life. But now I think it's a great name for her.

    Jack is a fantastic name -- adorable on a baby or little boy and ages very well, too. I wish I could help on the middle name -- Hawthorne and Henry are both great choices. I do have to say that I never expected to have four children -- I thought we would only have two. So we used our two great-grandmothers' names for our first daughter. I was sorry, then, when we were expecting another girl because I would have loved to call her Esther. So maybe if there is a chance you will have another boy, you might at that point be able to convince your hubby to use Henry? My hubby is considering a lot of names for baby #4 that he would have completely rejected with babies #1 and #2. For that reason, I am voting for Hawthorne and hoping maybe you will have a future Henry someday!
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    shieldsc- thanks for your response. It's really nice to hear about other people's experiences going through something similar. I am not very good at compromising when it comes to naming my child! And I have a tendency to obsess over my baby's names for the entire pregnancy and months after they are born... Name regret has happened before with me and I worry about it happening again. But with my oldest it did fade in time. I think right now it's a lot of hormones and nerves factoring into my name indecision, and hopefully in time whatever we choose will feel right.
    Also just wanted to say, for what it's worth, I love all your kids' names- Genevieve was one of our top choices if this baby was a girl. I think it's such a beautiful name.
    And I am 98% sure that this is our last baby so most likely there won't be a little Henry. But I guess you never know! Thank you again for your helpful response.

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    I like Jack Hawthorne, because I like the pairing of a familiar classic (Jack) with a lesser-used middle (Hawthorne). Good luck!

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    What did you end up naming your new little one? I really like both combinations, it would be too hard to choose one over the other!

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