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Thread: Sloane?

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    Hi all! My husband and I decided on Sloane. It was really hard to decide because the names I liked he didn't and vice versa. He is more of a traditional person, but he liked Sloane because it reminded him of Ferris Bueller's Day Off. We are both Gen X'ers and we felt it was right and made sense. With that being said, I was researching and I know I shouldn't care what others think, but there seems to be a lot of hate for this name. Mind you I think most of the people that don't like it are a lot older than we are. What do you think? Please be honest but nice LOL Thank you!!

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    One of my all time favs! (reminds me of Sloane Square in London). I don't have a girly girl name myself so Sloane feels comfortable to us. Depending on the month, I waffle back and forth actually using it due to all the negative opinions too. Its the longest running resident of my name list though!
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    Sloane can give that preppy/pretentious vibe. I like the sound of the name, and the fact that it's shared by an athlete on the rise (tennis player Sloane Stephens), but it's got some baggage.

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    I'm one of those who strongly dislikes it, and I'm pretty young. To me it's just a sound thing; I personally don't find the sound of Sloane pleasant at all. I feel like most of the hate, here on NB anyway, probably has more to do with the fact that it's a last-name-as-first-name and isn't particularly feminine.
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    I'm post-gen-x....and I personally don't like it. Let me empathize "personally" - I don't think there's something inherently bad about the name or your daughter will be teased. I don't like the sound, it's a bit nasally to my ears. Nothing to do with it being a surname, I didn't recognize it as one at first because it's become such a popular first name.

    There was a character on HBO's Entourage with the name as well.

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