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    Apr 2013
    I love Avi, its on my list. Even though it is shorter I actually think it sounds more decisive and complete than Benson.

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    Apr 2013
    I like Avi and love Ben, but not Benson. What about Bennett? Or Benedict.
    Avi is the pseudonym of a great author. It doesn't feel incomplete to me, and it's familiar but uncommon.

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    Ben! Its a respectable male name that conveys quite strength and resolve. Avi is too feminine and high-strung. Benson (and Hedges) is a cigarette brand I think. Its also a bit to dated (the -son suffix being used on ever guy under the age of 6). Ben David is the best choice.

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    I like Avi! Or Benjamin/Benedict/Ben. Don't care for Benson - unless it is a family name or you have some other connection to this surname.
    The short list
    (my list criteria: classic, simple, elegant, must have family and/or cultural significance)

    Boys list: Simon, Max, Benjamin, Joseph, Jonah*
    Girls list: Jane, Miriam, Ruth, Ann*

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    I dislike Benson and love Avi, so easy pick for me.

    Avi is sometimes a nick for Avram, but Avi doesn't feel incomplete to me at all. Probably because I know a metric ton of guys named Avi. Which doesn't sound like the sound in David so I'm not seeing the repetition as a problem? Ahhh-vee, Day-vid? Avi David is a perfectly cromnulent combo.

    I like Benjamin and Benzion (ben-zee-un) but not Benson or Benedict or Ben by itself.

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