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Thread: Finnick? Help!

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    Finnick? Help!

    OK, so I adore Finn, but hubby hates the nn as a name idea... I know its actually a full name, but he insists it come from something like Phineas, but I'm not in love yet. Finley looks too girly, imo, Finnigan is eh, old-manish, we know a Griffin. How else to get to my coveted Finn?
    Could Finnick be a solution? Or is it too FinnickY? I love Hunger Games, and the character Finnick, so when I see or hear it, I immediately associate it as a name not an adjective. And I really like it, but would others or non-readers just see finicky? I hope not because I really want a Finn! Any other Finn suggestions are appreciated but I think I have gone through them all without much luck. Hoping for a pleasant Finn surprise. Thanks!
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    I think Finnick is a bad idea. It's not just that it was used in the Hunger Games, it was actually created FOR the Hunger Games. It's an inescapable association, and I don't think that the Hunger Games will have tons of staying power. Plus, your son may not like the Hunger Games (I don't, personally.)
    Some other Finn suggestions:

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    I like Finnick. I think it's one of those made up book names that will catch on. There's another book with a Finnick, I believe. Finnick of something.

    Google, google.

    Okay, it's Finnikin of the Rock I was thinking of, but same basic idea.

    I doubt the general public would even know it was a made up name. After all, once upon a time, Vanessa was made up, and look where she ended up. I really doubt most people know the history of Vanessa, nor will they ask about the history of Finnick. I think what with both syllables having familiar name sounds (Finn and Nick), most people won't think 'finicky' right off the bat. He'll probably get it from time to time though. Just cross your fingers that's he's not fussy or picky!

    Personally, I prefer Phineas, but I think a Finnick would do just fine in the world.

    Besides the names daisy gave you, I can think of Finnbar, Finch, or perhaps something like Stephan, which ends in the Finn sound.
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    Honestly, I like just Finn. I don't the longer forms except Griffin.

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    What about Finlay or Flynn?

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