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    Totally agree with Aubrey, I LOVE it on boys, and find it boring on the girls. I know a 4 year old boy named Aubrey and its perfection on him. Also love Lindsay for a boy and always have. And Kelly.

    I find it mind boggling that Emerson is being used for girls so much now. Its so masculine to me. I feel like Grayson is next.

    I don't entirely agree though with the "gone to the girls" concept. Just because its being used on girls doesn't necessarily mean it shouldn't be used on boys. I would still use Emerson on a boy, I don't think putting it on girls has bad it any less masculine (or anymore feminine).
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    I love Quinn for a boy.

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    Haha...drhenry: I saw the name "Gracyn" for a girl on a wedding program. (She was the flower girl.) I'm not a all. People try too hard to convert names and be too creative. Parents rarely try to put themselves in the child's position of using a too trendy name their whole lives.

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    None. It's only "gone to the girls" when mothers of boys stop using them because it's used on a girl. If a mother of a boy wants to use say Madison or Kelly etc then use it on a boy and there will still be boys named that so it really hasn'tg gone to the girls really.
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    Morgan, Sydney, Micah and Shiloh are my favorite and I would still consider using any of those but I would definitely have some reservations. I also LOVE the name Emrys but I worry that the "Em" sound is being completely taken over by the girls. I think that names like Emerson and Madison have fully "gone to the girls" but those aren't my style for either gender.
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