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    Crime Fiction Names


    I'm writing a crime fiction story and I need some help with the character's names. Here is a little bit about them!

    The Victim (V): A pretty 16 year old girl, a bit rebellious but very naive, eager to please others with an open and outgoing nature.

    The Friend (F): Also 16, friends with (V) for a long time. Timid, cautious and wary, but easily influenced by peer pressure. Has a self-depreciating nature and a tendency to blame herself when things go wrong. Also eager to please others and gain acceptance.

    The Sister (S): 14 year old little sister of (V), the naughty child, constantly pushing the boundaries and causing trouble, more of a worry to the parents than (V). Should have a name that matches well with (V). Transitioning from a child to a teenager and trying to be like her older sister.

    The Killer (K): 19 year old boy who has recently been seeing (V). Passively pressures the girls into trying to please him. Is romanticised by the girls as a darker, edgier, more mature guy, they see him as dreamy and cool.

    Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

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