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    Greek Gods and Goddesses /Space Theme

    My two dogs are Apollo and Juno. Apollo space mission program was our inspiration for our Lab Mix's name. Juno is for our little Yorkie mix, and Juno is the name of one of the satellites that is to orbit Jupiter.

    These names are also Greek God and Goddesses names. Apollo the Greek God of War, and Juno the Titan Mother Goddess.

    More name ideas we had for a dog:

    Griffith - after Griffith Observatory
    Rune - though not a Greek Goddess or necessarily space, Rune fits in with the style of these names

    These are ideas for future pets of ours. Right now Apollo and Juno are perfect names for two lovely dogs.

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    I like Leo, Rune and Griffith from your list. For me, it does really depend on the breed of dog. I can see Leo for a Lab, Retriever or even a Spaniel. Rune would make an awesome name for a big guard dog (just the sound of it would scare anyone off! . I see lots of terrier breeds when I imagine the name Griffith.
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