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    My husband and I started TTC our first after we'd been married for only a few months. I frequently thought I was pregnant but month after month went by without conceiving. After eight months I'd started temping and the signs of my temperatures pointed towards a pregnancy. So I tested a few days before my period was due and I was in fact pregnant! My son was born March 2010.
    We started TTC again in I think September 2011 and I got pregnant that first month. I tested the day my period was due getting a negative but got a positive result after a few days. I was shocked that I got pregnant so easily the second time. My daughter was born June 2012.
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    Awesome stories ladies - so many different starts to the journeys that bring us to our wee bundles
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    Aw, I love hearing these stories!

    Well, my husband and I met in September 2005 in college when we were 22. We graduated in 2006 and moved in together. No plans to have kids for several more years. I had been on and off birth control during this time. Some would make me gain weight. Others would make me have really bad acne. And others would make me EXTREMELY hormonal. I decided to be done with bc and we used either condoms or the pull out method. I had a very light period a week or so before Christmas in 2007. My cycles can get kind of wonky so I just assumed it was a weird month. I felt strange over Christmas but it didn't occur to me at all that I could be pregnant. Well, about mid-to-end of January, I felt... weird. For some reason, I said I think I could be pregnant. I had no idea why I said that or anything, but we got a test and it was positive within like 5 seconds! We were a little overwhelmed and scared because we weren't planning on having a child for a few more years (I had just gone back to school to get my masters), but once the panic wore off, we were very excited. Unfortunately, I started spotting brown discharge around week 9 but my doctor didn't take me seriously and said as long as it wasn't red and I wasn't cramping badly, it was fine. Well, the spotting lasted over a week and finally they got sick of me calling and bugging them so they let me come in for an ultrasound around week 11. We had lost the baby and I got a D&C. It was a very difficult time.

    Over Christmas in 2009, we got engaged. We set the date for May 2011 so it was after I finished graduate school and we had planned to move to Florida. Well, we started getting the itch to have a baby so we decided to start trying in May 2010. We said we'd give ourselves two months (May and June) and if we didn't get pregnant, then we would wait until after the wedding. Well, I got an OPK test and got pregnant that first month! I knew a week before my period was due. I was at work and was being a raging b*tch to everyone. I mean, I get moody when I start PMSing, but this was at a new level. I was out of control with just flipping out and yelling at people. I would even tell myself in my head to chill out but I couldn't! On the day my period was due to come, I took a test and it came out positive! I completed graduate school Dec 2010. We had our daughter Feb 1, 2011, moved to Florida March 1, and got married May 12. It was a crazy year! Now we have a beautiful, spunky 2.5 year-old girl!
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    This is a great thread!!!

    We got married in 2004. I was 24, he was 35. We had no plans for kids right away... I'd been on bc since we'd started dating in 2002. Well, I forgot to bring my pack of bc home for Christmas, so we started TTC on December 26, 2004 - my 25th birthday. After a year, we started to worry about things. I consulted my family doctors, we had the check ups. My husband had the usual screenings - nothing in the second year. After that, we found a fertility specialist. And so began the blood work and pills... never any real examination. In October 2007, I had a "come-to-Jesus" meeting with our doctor. I felt like for the tons of money he earned each year, he should be able to tell us what to do next - not ask me what the next step was. I decided on a laproscopy to see what was going on inside my body. It turned up Endometriosis. (something that the Dr. knew was in our family history.) they cleaned it out. And we went back to trying.
    i was supposed to Ovulate on Nov. 10th. My husband and I were away for the weekend and had been upgraded to a nice hotel room. On the 14th I went in for an internal ultrasound to get ready for Insemination in December. The nurse said that I hadn't ovulated. I asked her if I had already had on the 10th, would she be able to see it. She said yes, and I hadn't. So we started to mentally prepare for insemination.
    In December, I was complaining to the girls that my left breast hurt a lot. They said, "You're pregnant." And I said that I can't be, I didn't ovulate. But that night (Dec. 4th) my sister and i were at Target, and I had to go to the bathroom, so I rushed her through, and we left with a test. We went back to her apt and i peed on the stick. Immediate Positive!!!! Not even a 30 second wait. We were both so excited and shocked. So we giggled for hours, and then we wrapped up the "present" for my hubby to open when he got home from work that night. He opened it and asked why I was giving him Mary Kay makeup... I told him to open the box. And he was so excited!!! We conceived 24 days after surgery. Weston arrived in July of 2008.

    We didn't mean to wait so long this time, but my mom got leukemia, and we somehow lost 2+ years. I went of birth control in April of 2012. My doctor made my go 6 cycles before she'd start the fertility pills. We did those for 5 more months (my doctor moved away in the middle of that.) I found a new Fertility Specialist... and we scheduled another clean out laproscopy for Nov 2012. December and January came and went. Breaking my heart a little each month. In February, we found out that we were pregnant finally. We lost that baby in March. My fertility specialist said that we only needed to wait 1 cycle before trying again. And I felt like it was the right time. I used 4 Wando strips... and conceived that first cycle. We're expecting Twins in January!!! the twin news was so much more exciting that the pregnancy news. That came with so much fear from losing our previous pregnancy.

    We'll be married 9 years this October. the hubby will be 44 when these babies are born and I hope to be 34. Our little boy will be 5-1/2.

    To think of all the money wasted on Pregnancy Tests while we were dating! I could have saved a small fortune!
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    Sort of TMI but since you asked...

    I was on the bcp for several months before we got married in August. At some point, they didnt work and we got pregnancy with our oldest. Not that it was a bad thing of course, we have our beautiful son to show for it. Didnt prevent with the next 3. Were preventing when we got pregnant with our son Felix. And were totally preventing again when we got pregnant with Wolfie (I was not ready to physically and emotionally carry another child after our loss, and DH had just signed up for another round of graduate school). No more surprises though, even if the result is wonderful as DH got "snipped" in June. Everyone who is here is supposed to be here, and I feel like our family is complete.
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