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    My husband (then boyfriend) and I had been together for almost 4 years and I had been on and off so many forms of birth control. We used condoms for the first few months, then I got on the pill for about a year which threw my hormones totally out of whack, then I was off birth control for a few months and we had a "scare" and I knew I really wasn't ready yet so I started getting the Depo Provera shot. I was on the shot for about 9 months and it was making me extremely moody, have severe acne, I gained a lot of weight, and when I was "withdrawing" from the Depo, I had a 28 day long period. Seriously. 28 days of heavy bleeding and very large clots, my friend was ready to force me to go to the hospital and then I just stopped bleeding. I was so sick and tired of birth control at that point and I was having anxiety/panic issues due to my Dad passing away, so we went back to condoms for a while.

    Around October of 2010, I just said screw it and told my husband I wasn't going to bother with birth control anymore and if I got pregnant, so be it. He was alright with it, and every month we were "trying" I honestly thought I was pregnant, I was only 23 and healthy...I just assumed I would get pregnant immediately. The 4th month (around Valentine's Day I remember) I was starting to think something was wrong with me because I knew I wasn't pregnant that month either, but low and behold I tested and it was positive. I came out of the bathroom shaking with the test in my hands and sat down at the kitchen table. I looked at my husband and said "It's positive." And he said something like "Well, what did you expect? We've been having lots of unprotected sex!" And I remember getting kind of mad at him for not being overly excited with me.
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    I have been on the pill for several years (Alesse). Hubs and I got married in Summer 2010. In September 2011 I forgot to take my pill for 2 or 3 days & then had a weird, light period that lasted about 3 weeks & decided I should get off the pill if the hormones were going to do crazy things like that to my body. We were planning to TTC starting January 2012. Anyway in October 2011 I went off the pill & got pregnant that same month. I had that preggo feeling (kinda bloaty, ultra emotional) pretty much right away after we conceived. I took a test day or two early & got a negative but I knew I had to be pregnant- so I took another one the next day - negative - and another one finally positive! - I ended up taking 2 more of the digital ones to try and figure out how far along the little bean was. We were living in a bad neighborhood when we got pregnant, and it was a bit stressful buying our house when I was 7 months pregnant, but it was all part of the experience! And baby was born on Canada Day last year, 6 pounds (she dropped to 5.15 the following week) and at almost 13 months she is still not even 17 pounds. So our little Azula came a little earlier than we were expecting but it all worked out great.

    Edited To Add: Our current pregnancy was unplanned as well. I am all for kids close in age, since I was 15 months apart from my brother growing up and we shared a great childhood. Anyway we weren't TTC because I didn't want to have a winter baby (I'm a bit paranoid about cold weather for newborns, plus I thought I would feel like a furnace being pregnant and all bundled up in long pants and sweaters). I wanted to hold off TTC until around May so we could have a due date sometime from February through October. My last period was Easter Weekend, I had JUST started a p/t serving job and Azula was about 9 months and still breastfeeding almost exclusively. I guess it must have been the change to my nursing schedule or something, anyway I got pregnant that cycle. I had been prescribed a low-dose birth control pill but I wasn't taking them cause I hate the idea of putting synthetic hormones in my body. I figured since I was f/t breastfeeding I would be less likely to get pregnant, and if I did then "c'est la vie", whatever happens, happens. This time again I had the feeling I was pregnant. Limited myself to 3 tests this time (I am not a patient woman). Both times I just marched right out of the bathroom with the stick in my hand & told my husband "I KNEW IT!"
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    It is so fun to read these posts! Great idea anniemarie!

    I'll share mine...

    When I met Jonathan in February 2010, he and his ex-wife had only been separated for 5 months. He had three children and told me almost immediately that he did not plan to have anymore. His youngest daughter was only 8 months old at the time, and I briefly entertained the thought that I would be perfectly happy helping raise the baby and his other children, that I did not need to have any children of my own. However, by our second or third date I told him that I fully intended to have children someday and if he was sure he was done having kids, we should probably not pursue things. Well, fast forward to December 2010 (he had changed his mind about having more kids), we got engaged. We were married in May 2011. I always knew I wanted to finish getting my teaching degree before I started TTC, but when the time came, I decided I wanted to work a few years as a teacher before having a baby. I got a little impatient though, and we decided to have my IUD removed and start our TTC journey together in December 2012. We both thought that we would get pregnant really quick. I had just always thought it would be really fast (probably due to a few pregnancy scares in my earlier twenties). My husband had experienced two quick (and surprise) pregnancies and one pregnancy that took a little while to happen, but he still thought it would happen the first or second month of trying. Well, December turned to January, which turned to February, which turned to March, which turned to April, which turned to May and that is when we finally conceived our little one. It was shortly after our second wedding anniversary and I told my husband I had one more anniversary surprise for him. He was laying in bed and I crawled in next to him and handed him the positive test. I am now 13w2d and due on 2/3/14.
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    I love this thread! I’m sure I’ve posted my story before, but here goes again. I had a pretty different conception journey. DH and I got married in September 2006, when we were both 29. I was ready to start trying for a family right away, but he wanted to wait. A year later, he finally agreed to start TTC. We tried unsuccessfully for the next six months, when DH was accepted into test pilot training. This put baby-making on hold for a year. We started TTC again in summer 2009, and had another unsuccessful year of TTC.

    We started infertility investigations in the summer of 2010, and I had exploratory surgery for PCOS and endo in January 2011 (with the result that I had classic PCOS and mild endo). I happened to start a new job right around this time, and so again we stopped TTC for a few months while I worked my probation period. In the fall of 2011 we decided to opt for IVF, as our local county funded one free cycle, and we started our cycle in February 2012. While the cycle went well, and we ended up with three viable embryos (one of which we transferred, and two of which we froze), we just got unlucky and didn’t get pregnant. In the summer of 2012 we did another IVF cycle with our two frozen embryos, and again were unsuccessful. We thought this was the end of the road for us, and started to look into adoption.

    In November 2012, we discovered that our county had recently changed its rules and was now offering couples three funded IVF cycles. I got back in touch with my consultant, and we started a third IVF cycle in January 2013. Again, we ended up with three viable embryos, and this time we chose to transfer two and freeze one.

    The eggs and semen were collected on March 5, 2013, and two embryos were transferred five days later on Mothers’ Day in the UK (a good omen)! We were told not to take a pregnancy test until 11 days later. I managed to hold out until day 8 or 9 and then caved and took a test in the morning before work. For the first time in 5.5 years of TTC, I saw a positive pregnancy test result. I ran into the bedroom and jumped on my sleeping husband to share the news. We had a scan a few weeks later to confirm that we had one baby on the way. I am now 36 years old and 23 weeks pregnant, and the whole pregnancy still feels completely surreal.

    In terms of future children, I guess we have one potential sibling still “on ice” (would this be a twin to our current baby, as they were conceived at the same time, even if born years apart?!), and we certainly would consider adoption, as well.

    It’s so strange that we will be able to tell our child his or her exact moment of conception.
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    Great thread!!! I love these reading these!
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