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    How'd you get your BFP?

    I love hearing other people's stories, and scarletsway's post made me want to hear more BFP stories!!! And I'm really really hoping some of the lovely ladies on the TTC board can share theirs when they get them too

    SO - i'll start I guess!

    Hubby & I got married in Feb 2009 and have been ready for a baby for a long time, but there was always something that came up that delayed trying. That was until late last year when we decided 'screw it', and even though there was a whole lot of stuff we could have let get in the way we decided that we didn't want to wait any more! I'd been on the pill for 12 years so we were realistic in thinking 'this isn't going to happen straight away', and decided not to put any pressure on ourselves. We weren't trying to conceive, but we weren't NOT trying either - no pressure that way.

    I came off the pill end of September and it was so exciting! Time went on and come October, no period! I took a test and it was negative, so i figured 'ok - my body is just taking some time to rebalance naturally having been on the pill so long...'. November, no period, took another test - negative. December, same thing... And again in January. At this point i was beginning to think something wasn't right with me - surely it shouldn't take 4 cycles to get back to normal after the pill right?

    Early Feb came and I got a tattoo on my ankle, which got infected (doh!). I went to the doc to get antibiotics and seeing as I was there anyway I brought up my 'no periods' issue. We chatted for awhile and my doctor eventually decided to test for PCOS, which freaked me out but at least it would have been an answer as to why my periods weren't coming back. So I went and got some blood tests done and waited.

    A few days later i got a message on my phone from my doctor asking me to urgently make an appointment in regards to my blood tests results, and to bring my husband. Of course i started thinking something horrible had come up in my tests and she was going to tell me I had cancer or something. So I rang and made an appointment (they cleared a space for me when i told them who it was - i'd been listed as urgent which freaked me out more!), Hubby & I both left work early & rushed straight to her office. We went in prepared for the worst, and got told the best news in the world - I wasn't sick, I was pregnant!!! I told my doctor she was a cow - lol.

    Turns out my body did take awhile to ovulate after i came off the pill which is why no period in October, November or December... BUT i did ovulate in January which is why no period in Jan! I'd tested as I had every month but I would have only been about 2 weeks along when i tested so got a false negative. I was 6 weeks when I finally found out at the end of Feb.... though looking back now i guess if I hadn't gone to the doctor I would have found out probably the next week anyway when I skipped yet another period and took another test as that one would definitely have been positive

    I kinda like my story though, follows on well from the comedy of errors which is hubby & mine's relationship (he proposed in a parking building... haha).

    What's your story?
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    Hi anniemarie: I love this, great thread! Your story is sweet, so glad to it was something wonderful and not something bad. For a minute I thought you were going to say you were pregnant the entire time you didn't have a period - almost like one of those "I didn't know I was pregnant" ladies!!! But that can be scary so I'm glad it was actually just one month really

    My hubby and I basically went the same route you did. I had been on the pill for about 15 years and had a feeling it would take my body awhile to get back to normal. So I went off of it - but we weren't really trying, we were just not preventing, figuring it would take a minimum of a year. We weren't even married yet, that's how long we thought we had! Well, SURPRISE! It only took 8 months. So since I didn't have any health insurance at the time, we basically had to run to the courthouse to get married so I could get covered. And that's what we did - we got married with 9 other couples in an extremely hot, muggy courtroom in Atlanta on 8/31/2011. Best decision I've ever made, without a doubt.

    Unfortunately, as many here already know, we ended up losing that pregnancy a few weeks later. So although it was great, financially, that we had gotten married (the whole thing ended up being about $12k), it was really tough to be newly married and to have to go through such a loss. But we somehow made it. Unlike a lot of other women I hear, I was by no means ready to start trying again right away, so we actually ended up waiting a year. I just knew that emotionally it would have been terrible to try again too soon. But once we got back to trying, and I bought some OPK's and some Mucinex, it only took us 2 cycles before we got our BFP! Hubby was at work (he's a pilot so work is across the country) and I was spotting so I was thinking no way. But my BFF encouraged me to take a test anyway - I was being especially sensitive to smells and couldn't stand perfume shopping with her! Well, she was right, it was positive! We freaked out, partially from surprise, partially thinking, OH SH*T, does the spotting mean we're losing this one too?!?! But it was Easter Sunday so all I could do was lay down and wait.

    That next day I ran to the OB who did a test and an ultrasound and everything looked good. I'm now at Week 21 and chugging along nicely... I cannot wait to hit the point of viability in a few more weeks. We know it's a girl which is what I've dreamed of my entire life - so this is really the happiest I've ever been. Life is good! Looking forward to hearing everyone else's BFP story too!!!

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    We got married at the end of April 2012 and the day after the wedding moved to KY from FL (I should mention the day before the wedding I graduated college, it was a VERY busy weekend). Well, in the process of moving and being all of 21, I didn't really worry about birth control and finding a doctor up here to go to. My DH was pretty sure he would have a hard time producing kids anyway, he had a had surgery after a dirt bike accident and with all his previous partners they had never used any form of control and never had a scare (I told him how stupid that was, together we used condoms and bc)

    So I was not on bc but we were mainly using condoms, we worked different shifts anyway, so not a whole lot of time for sex. We started talking about maybe trying in October, I had no periods from May-Oct. but mine were very off when not on bc so didn't think about it. I ordered an ovulation kit, but once it got here we decided to wait a couple years and become more settled. So in December my friend calls me in a panic thinking she might be pregnant, to reassure her I told her we would take the test together and celebrate the negatives! Well, her test was in fact negative and mine was positive! I was so shocked, I took another test and burst into tears (mainly happy) called my DH at work and my friend. We went to the clinic the next day and it was confirmed and I had an emergency ultrasound because I had pain on one side which is a sign of ectopic pregnancy, everything was fine and now due in 6 days!!!
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    Love these stories!

    We had decided to start TTC last fall, not expecting anything to happen right away because I have pretty wonky cycles. So I was about 10 dpo and had the works...spotting, sore sore boobs, etc. I woke up one night and chugged maybe five glasses of water in the kitchen and was still so thirsty, something was just off, but I was still sure it was all in my head.

    14 dpo was the end of last October, here comes Hurricane Sandy....our neighborhood is right on Long Island Sound and we missed evacuations by one street, high tide at midnight, crazy flooding...we made it through in one piece and somehow just lost our electricity (other parts of our neighborhood were underwater). So perfect morning to wake up and decide to take a test! (Before opening my happy hurricane bottle of wine later on..yeah that didn't happen).

    I had to look at my results with a flashlight on the windowsill to be sure, DH was home from work though so I got to share the news immediately, in our dark kitchen while it was still wind-gusting outside. At least I'll never forget the date I got my BFP.
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    Ill share my most recent story. Dh is in the military and last year he was set to deploy. We have 2 boys already and have dreamed of a little girl since we were kids. Well at the time he was leaving little one was only three months so while we didnt use protection I knew I wasnt ready and the thought of having a daughter without him broke my heart. I wasn't having periods because of exclusively breastfeeding so I decided to go tobthe dr after not feeling well. I had a uti but not pregnant. I was relieved and sad as well. I knew very well we might not get another chance because of his work. Seven months later he came home safe. We went to visit family and friends a month after he got back and while driving around our home town after about four days of wanting the same local restaurant and their amazing fry sauce I noticed my low back was really achy. At this point I decided to get some tests I didnt say anything to him I just snuck them inside and took them while family was away. The came back positive instantly. He was out so I told him to come home right away after finally getting him to come home and managing to keep a serious face I took him to the bathroom and showed him the tests. It was awesome to see his face. I am now 16 weeks and we get to find out soon if we got our girl!

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