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    They both have a good sound. It's nice that Philippa honors your dad. I think Philippa is going to be a flash in the pan name for babies born around now after Pippa though. Of course maybe it will have more staying power, and for you it will have more meaning.

    Since Philippa and Charlotte but have such strong family ties you might do well to mix them around so if you had two girls each would get a family name.

    Philippa Lucy and Charlotte Annabelle
    Lucy Philippa and Charlotte Annabelle
    Philippa Annabelle and Lucy Charlotte


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    Philippa Charlotte has great flow but it is Pippa Middleton exact name so I would not use them together! I understand that both have meaning to you but that is still too close IMO. Lucy Annabelle is a gorgeous name!

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    I love them both.

    Not sure where you or pps hail from, but being from the US I would care a wink that Philippa Charlotte is Pippa Middleton's full name. Seriously, how many people are going to know that - or care - or know your kid's full name even if they do know that or care? I say if you love it and it has significance, then go for it.

    Besides, even if people do know, to my knowledge there is no reason that is a bad association. Am I wrong?
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