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    Breastfed baby won't take bottle!

    My daughter is 12 weeks old, and she has been exclusively breastfed (with the exception of 2 or 3 bottles of expressed milk given to her many many weeks ago). I go back to work on Monday, so we have been trying to give her a bottle each day of expressed milk.

    However, she will not take the bottle! It doesn't matter who gives it to her or how hungry she is, she will not take it. It is like she doesn't know what to do with it. She kind of just chews on it, chokes on the milk, spits it out, and gets mad. My husband is really starting to worry about being able to feed her while I'm gone, and having to deal with a screaming, hungry baby.

    Has anyone else had similar experiences? Did your child eventually take the bottle? Is there a type of bottle anyone could recommend? We currently use Dr. Brown's bottles, but I have been looking into Breastflow and other types with wider bases and shorter nipples. Medicine dropper feeding was a no go. We are getting down to the wire and desperate! Help!
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    I had problems with both my kids. When I went back to work with my son he had to be syringe fed for the first couple days. We tried a lot of different bottles and he ended up like the cheap evanflo ones.
    I stayed at home with my daughter so we didn't try as many types of bottles or work as hard. But she never took a bottle. Finally around a year she started taking a sippy cup but like I said we didn't need her to take a bottle the same way as with my son when I was working full time.
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    Are the nipples latex or silicone? Silicone ones last longer, but when we started, my son would only accept the soft, brown latex ones. They are softer and closer to the breast experience for tiny babes. Once baby's teeth start to grow it, it's best to switch to silicone for safety's sake. (Older babies can bite or chew off a piece of latex, which can be a choking hazard.)
    Our favorite bottles were tiny, baby-doll looking ones from Gerber. I literally got them for a dollar a piece in a dry goods store. I think they only held around 6 oz. They were sooo much better than the fancy big ones we'd registered for. And they are so cheap!
    Make sure the flow is slow enough for her. She's still pretty small, and a fast flow may be what's choking her. If you invert the bottle over your sink, there should be a definite pause, about 3 seconds, between drips. If your flow is too fast, try buying new slow feed latex nipples, before you replace all of the bottles.
    Let us know how this week goes! Hang in there.

    We used these with latex nipples as our first bottle, when the fancy ones didn't work out:
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    I haven't had any experience with it yet, I'm currently 28 weeks with my first and plan on doing the same thing you are. I heard that the Munchkin Latch was a really good breast to bottle brand so we are going to try those.
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    Ugh, my heart goes out to you. This happened with our first and second kids. It's horrible and stressful. I don't completely remember what we did with Will (other than having to put him in a headlock to feed him for awhile) but with James, after he went like hours and hours with no fluid intake and lots of crying (from all parties), my husband ended up putting some apple juice in a bottle (maybe diluted) just to get him to take it. He finally did when he was thirsty and exhausted enough. I think it took like a full day or something, and it seemed dangerous but he finally did it.

    The good news is that, once James got started with taking a bottle, he was fine with it. And then I could give him the bottle, too; not just Joe. I do remember having more success feeding him when he would sit upright in my lap facing outward. Will is the most stubborn person on earth, so I won't even get into his refusal to was a tough few months but we got through it.

    Good luck!!
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