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    Tali: Love your names. They're very sweet sounding. Valentine is especially beautiful.

    Yael: Were all here for support if you need to vent about anything. Have you had depression in or after pregnancy before? I wish I could help more.

    Carla: She is adorable. Holding her made me realize how much I want to have a baby girl.

    I'm so excited 20 days till we find out. I think I want to do something special for a gender reveal. Anyone have another idea other than frosting in cupcakes?
    Theodore Arthur

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    Hey gals, I wanted to check in. I'm slowly recovering from a nasty stomach bug that had both my hubby and I laid up on Sunday. Good thing my mom had stuck around after Thanksgiving and could help with James.

    Tomorrow is my 20-week ultrasound. I'm so nervous. After my back-to-back miscarriages I've been so worried about having a healthy baby this time. My other kids can't wait to find out if they are getting a baby sister or brother. Hopefully the little Jelly Bean will cooperate.

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    @carlasworls @babyninja: thank you for your warm words. These are like stars on my dark sky. I suffered from depression when I was pregnant with Dashiell, I was still recovering from the very hard episode that happened before. Surprisingly, I didn't had the post-partum depression symptomes after my two births except of classis baby blues. There's often so, that women with severe depression feel better while pregnant or post-partum, my doctor told me. So maybe the nature isn't that cruel . Now I see a little progress, I hope I will be ok by the time our newest Miracle have chosen to enter this world, because I'm absolutely teffified of the post partum version of my ilness.
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    Soon-to-be aunt for the first time!

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    lo: I hope everything is perfectly fine. Good luck tomorrow!

    Yael: I can't even imagine how you feel. Is there anything you can do to help cheer yourself up? Draw, read, or go for a walk?
    Theodore Arthur

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    Healthy baby boy!

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