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    Well appointment day is here and, of course, I am too nervous to sleep. Will post later with outcome. Fingers crossed for a positive report!

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    It's been a while since I posted. Today was my sono! No twins. Actually as excited as I was about the possibility of twins I am so relieved. The sono tech wrote for us on a piece of paper if the baby is a boy or girl and I took it to a local bakery where they will do pink or blue icing on the inside. We are having family come over for our gender reveal party tomorrow and I am soooo excited! I can't sleep! I think that is it for new news for me. :-) Hope everyone is having a happy and healthy pregnancy.
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    Hi everyone! I'm due on May 12 with baby #3. We already have two awesome little girls named Ambriel and Kalea. I have a 4D ultrasound on Sunday and we'll be finding out if we've got a Paxton or a Xanthe on the way.

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    Hi ladies. I hope y'all are well. : )

    Alice; I actually recently had a name dream where I named my baby Jocelyn. I had never even considered the name! So I thought it was funny.

    Roxanne; I hope you appt. went well. : ) Let us know how it went!

    Arianne; I hope the gender reveal goes well! : )

    Missvalentine; Welcome! Let us know how the U/S goes. : )

    19 weeks today. I'm stressed yet excited about Thanksgiving. I'm hosting it, and I have my huge family coming over. After Thanksgiving, then I go into all out holiday mode! I honestly love the holidays. I joke that the holidays keep me sane after a year of craziness. ; )
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    Roxanne: I hope everything went well for you and your baby!

    Ariannew: Have a great time at your gender reveal party! My friend did a similar thing only she told her best friend since they found out the genders on her b-day. Only her best friend new and ordered the smash cakes for her party.

    Missvalentine: Welcome! Were both having May babies. Good luck on Sunday!

    Carla: Jocelyn is cute. Mostly cause you could use Josie as a nn. How's picking a name for your little girl going? Any progress or are you just adding names? I keep adding more names to the list and I can't stop myself. I'm hoping it will die down once I know the gender.
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