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    Thanks Carla! Vitamin C is my friend. Does anyone else mix orange juice and ginger ale? It's a comfort drink for me. My Grammy used to make it for me when I was sick.

    Oh, has anyone had any name dreams yet? I've been hoping that the perfect name will just appear!
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    babyninja143: This is my first pregnancy with name dreams. First I dreamt that I wanted to name the baby Zoe and then about a month later I had another dream that I named the baby Regina when my husband left the room. Neither of those are even under consideration as first names. My dad also told me he dreamt I had a girl and named her Elizabeth.
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    Lo: I think Elizabeth would be cute in the name since your dad dreamed about it. My mom keeps pushing me to use Aubrey or Heather if it's a girl. She has had dreams about both of them. I really don't want to use either of them. They don't sparkle for me. I myself have dreamed about a little boy named Zane. I wasn't even considering the name at this time.
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    @babyninja, you made me dreaming about all the tasty mixtures my mum and grandma made for me when I was feeling chilly. What about a tea with raspberry syrup? Or tea with honey and lemon? I have an old polish auntie who adds crushed garlic and honey to the hot milk - it sounds awful, but it really works! I tried it again when Zelda had a flu in march.
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    Yael : The tea with raspberry syrup sounds delicious. I'm not sure about the garlic, honey, milk mixture. I think that's mostly because I don't like milk though. I mean people put garlic and milk in alfredo sauce right? I guess it can't be too bad.
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