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    Good afternoon, everyone (at least here in the eastern US)!

    Just poking in to say hi, and welcome Oceansunrise, Sindorella and Vasilisa, and everyone else who is new. Congrats on your first kick, Yael--I'm over here being jealous. At something like 11+4, I've got a ways to go before I feel any movement (current fruit: "your baby is the size of a lime!" ).

    I used to consider myself a chocoholic, but I've had NO desire for chocolate in a few months. I'll eat chocolate flavored things (pudding is one of my favorite things right now) but the idea of just a chocolate bar, or even a few m&m's leaves me feeling...meh.

    Roxann: I used to sleep well, and still generally do. I'm having a somewhat harder time falling asleep, and I get sooo hotttt in the middle of the night that I've taken to leaving the window open (even though it gets down into the 20s at night). I'm also having a few super vivid pregnancy dreams, too.

    I've also found myself sobbing crazily at things that are not particularly emotionally charged--commercials, kids' tv shows. My SO finds this hilarious and will send me links to things to see what makes me sob and what makes me shoot him a WTF? look. Pregnancy hormones are no joke.

    I've been super excited this weekend because I've had energy! for the first time in almost 3 months! I did laundry, and washed dishes, and cleaned up, and went grocery shopping! It was insane! The awful "morning" sickness has pretty much gone away, though still some nausea.

    Does anyone else have that nasty metallic taste in their mouth--dysgeusia? Bleck. It's like I'm constantly sucking on pennies. I've been drinking mountains of orange juice to clear away the taste. What's your most random pregnancy symptom thus far?
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    Just want to add: WE'RE HAVING ANOTHER GIRL
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    taliface - yes I get that sucking on pennies taste too! I didn't know it had a name.

    My big excitement was I felt the baby this afternoon!
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    Welcome sinderella and vasilisa! : )

    Tali; I completely understand the hormones. I started bawling at a baby shampoo commercial today.

    Yael; Yay for your girl! Congratulations. : )

    Lo; It's so special when you feel the baby! : )
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    Welcome to the newbies!

    Congrats Yael on the gender news! Did you have a feeling it was a girl or did you not really know? I am always curious when people have already been through a pregnancy carrying a boy and a pregnancy carrying a girl, if you can figure out the gender based on clues/symptoms.

    @Taliface: I do not have that metallic taste in my mouth yet. I think my weirdest pregnancy symptom would be the dreams and how the boob soreness is NO JOKE. It is like a production to take my bra off everyday! I have always been a sap so I am not any more emotional than normal.

    @Lo: Exciting you felt movement! Also, I really love your names! I do not know what I would do with 6 kiddos! What are the ages?

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