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    Sarah - Ooh, hopping in here to ask what type of dandelion tea you're drinking. I had some at my SIL's, but she can't remember where she got and whether it was the root or not. It was delicious.
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    I heard you can have up to a 6ounces a day of caffeine. I can't resist pumpkin spice coffee this time of year. I also was reading a magazine in the break room at work today and I saw a recipe for apple cider pie. It was adorable in the picture. They had an apple that was sliced to look like a rose on the top. Sadly I can't find the picture.. mostly cause I don't remember the magazine name. I think I need to make some for Thanksgiving.
    Theodore Arthur

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    @Carla, Gemma Violet is wonderful! That would be a combo I would use if my husband liked Gemma.

    On the coffee thing, I know how you feel. I like to have a hot drink when I get to work, especially in the fall and winter. I have had to switch to caffeine-free tea because I realized that when I drank coffee the problem I was having with feeling like I was off-balance when I was walking or standing got even worse. That off-balance feeling seems to have subsided this past week, but I'm going to stick with my "no caffeinated drinks" rule. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you want to look at it), my favorite coffee shop in town closed last week so I have a lot less temptation now.

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    Long time,no see! Lovely to see all the new faces here! I feel better, make some walka using cruthes, while Viggo takes care of the Kids. He is unusuably good at combo feeding. And we think about naming little bean,if he's a boy, Huxley - this idea comes back again and again and giving him middle Viggo,after his father.
    Take care,girls!
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    Hi ladies. Hope y'all are doing well.

    Yael; Welcome back! Feel better soon. : )

    Thank you for all of the responses about the caffeine thing. : ) I am probably going to have only a cup a day. Better be safe than sorry! : )
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