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Thread: I'm desperate!

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    Yeah, I'm realizing now of course that Millie and Milo are even much closer than Milo and Maggie! My mistake! I think I was thinking Tillie and typed Millie : D!

    Glad you like Phoebe! Shame it's a no.

    I think Milo and Maggie really would be fine by the way. Avoiding a shared first initial I think is good if a name is not a top contender anyway, but then if your very, very, very top candidate is that name, well, there you have it. : D.

    the bee at the end of Phoebe and Ruby is making me think of Libby...Elizabeth is probably too popular though? Hmm. Certainly Abigail for Abby.

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    Ruby is currently ranked 106, though I do think it'd be a great fit.

    How about Ivy as someone else mentioned? It's at 187, so slightly less popular.

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    Hadley nn Hattie maybe?!

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    I like Esme... I think it will go well with Milo and Sasha.

    What about Maisie... it it also a diminutive of Margaret and has the 'm' and 's' in it

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