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    It fully depends. If it's bothering you, there's a reason for the name is commonly teased. Such as Titus - all I hear is tight a$$, and tit is the abbr. childish? sure, but I promise other people are thinking it. The website in my signature may be of hekp to you.
    Titus has been on my list for ages...
    Never once thought of this, and even though it isn't pronounced like that, I now will probably think that forever...=/
    Would probably still use it's a strong biblical name...

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    I agree with a lot of what's been said here. I don't think kids get teased because of their names so much as kids who get teased (most of us to at least some extent, I dare say) may have their names turned against them. Generally, it doesn't seem worth passing up a name you love because someone, someday might make fun of it.
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