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    Honestly, I think the reaction of your coworkers is ridiculous. I know three people named Forrest (one a girl) and they have never gotten Gump jokes. Seriously? Come on.

    Teasing potential is not a concern for me. My name is pronounced LAY-ah, as in Leia, like, yes, the princess from Star Wars. It's something that is frequently pointed out when I first meet someone but is rarely brought up again, if ever. The brutal truth is that some kids will be teased whether their name is Amy or Banana Maureen and some kids won't. The most popular kid in my middle school was named Pierre and I don't ever remember him getting a single comment about it. The least popular kid, on the other hand, was named John, and he was teased mercilessly. You can't hack playground politics.
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    This makes me feel a lot better. I guess I need to stop worrying so much. For now we're not TTC but we enjoy researching names for future use.

    I really didn't see all that much name teasing when I was young anyway. In fifth grade a boy moved here from outside of the country. I don't even remember what country he was from, but his name was Daulphin. He was teased for that name. Some of my classmates used to call him Flipper. I think his parents knew that Daulphin would be a hard name to have in the US, because he went by Joshua a lot of the time. He told us he picked that name before he moved here to use if he didn't want to be called his real name. Now that I'm and adult I think it's a little sad he felt he couldn't use his birth name. It sounds silly in the US, but I bet it sounded handsome in his own country and language. He moved a couple of years later and I never heard about him after the fact.

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    It fully depends. If it's bothering you, there's a reason for the name is commonly teased. Such as Titus - all I hear is tight a$$, and tit is the abbr. childish? sure, but I promise other people are thinking it. The website in my signature may be of hekp to you.
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    when you dont have to think too hard about it

    if you look at a name or say it and realize something is 'off' find a variation or move on, not worth the hassle for a person to grow up and live with forever

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    This is something that concerns me a lot. I WAS teased for my first name, but I probably would have been teased with any name to be perfectly honest. I was a target.

    We've decided to throw caution to the wind and go with a name with some teasing potential for our son. I anticipate we will have much more trouble with adults than he will with his peers. Same with a little Forrest. Kids in kindergarten in 2018 aren't likely to associate your son with a movie made 24 years previously.
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