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    At what point should you stop agonizing over teasing potential?

    I don't know if it's just me, but I think I worry too much about teasing potential sometimes. I think it's always important to consider the fact when a name is connected to something especially offensive, disgusting, cruel, etc. What point do you stop nitpicking over names? I find myself discarding a lot of names if I can find someway to make a mean nickname out of them, but I feel I over-think it half the time.

    To name an example, a coworker was considering Forrest for her child, I think it was a family name, among some other names and some of our coworkers got a good laugh out of it and told her to seriously consider something else because the Forrest Gump jokes would never end from classmates. I know the movie will resonate with adults, but I think it's a stretch to say kids born recently will automatically link a child named Forrest with a movie that came out almost twenty years ago.

    I'm not asking about this name specifically because I already know where people's minds go, but for another example my husband and I like Asa, (ay-sa) for a boy. We live in an area with a prominent Jewish population, so the name would not be mispronounced, and it's far less popular to the name Ari which we like as well but can't use anymore. Our non-Jewish friends think it's an odd name. They'll say, "Like ass? That'll get him beat up since it's one letter away" It's strange to us that people wouldn't be able to pronounce this name correctly or that younger children would associate it with a word for rear. I know kids can be clever and creative, but I think people give them too much credit sometimes. I made the point that Ash is one letter away as well, but that was met with "Yeah, but no one would think to do that with Ash." It's still on our list, but our friends ruined it a little for us another reason we're keeping our options secret when the time comes.

    Do you think a lot of people over-think teasing potential? I know some of it is justified, but can't any name be twisted into something mean?

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    I think it depends.

    If the name let's say has "Poo" somewhere in the name, then I think kids will latch onto that no matter what. If the kid has some unfortunate initials like A.S.S, kids could latch onto that.

    If its the name of some movie character/book character then that isn't so necessarily bad. Especially depending on how old that reference is and if that name has other associations to it. For example Hermione I think would be usable because its also a shakespearean name as well as a greek mythology name, where as Draco is all Harry Potter to me.

    Forrest is totally usable to me. Yes Forrest Gump was a notable character but the movie came out in 1994.

    If kids want to make fun of your kid they will find a way. You can choose a totally "normal" and "common" name like Elizabeth and some kid could turn it into Lizardbreath. So I don't think you can fret too much.

    So as I said earlier...unless it something like "poo" in the name, then the teasing potential isn't necessarily there.

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    I initially associated Forrest w/actor Forrest Whittaker and Asa is familiar from 'One Life to Live', as well as the Bible. Anyone who sees much teasing potential in either name is probably culturally deficient (or male...they seem to jump to those naughty/off-color meanings far too readily). I say, use your judgment, and disregard hypercritical people.

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    I think that often when people talk about a name with teasing potential it's their "nice" way of telling you that they don't like the name. I think that considering teasing potential is important, but at some point you have to give up - kids will be mean and come up with mean nicknames no matter what the name is.

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    As a student myself. I can honestly say I was never teased about my name and neither was anyone else I knew, and I knew a girl named Ghislaine! I think kids have adapted to more diverse names as the years pass, because more and more parents are bestowing names like Ta'Leighsa and Fa'Ronni upon their children. And even names like Jane or Rob have teasing potential, so I think it really isn't too much of a problem. Any child could be teased about their name whether it be Robert or Heavynnlee. And anyway, name teasing has definitely diminished much more than most people think.
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