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    She's here and still has no name!

    Baby girl arrived yesterday! We are still discussing her name, now that hubby has eliminated a few previously agreed upon names! We are running out of patience and names!
    Thoughts on these names?
    Poppy - hubby's choice, I like it but don't love it - concerned about its popularity overseas and worry that it will be trendy. I also occasionally see poopy when written. :-(

    Dahlia - hubby recently suggested it, I love it, but we pronounce it differently. I say dol- ee ah , hubby says dal- e ah and my parents say
    day- le uh. I can't figure out how to say it like my hubby wants! I am also concerned that it will be annoying to constant correct people on your names pronunciation.

    Catalina - originally hubby's choice, but he just eliminated it cause he thinks its too foreign sounding, but he likes hoe it sounds with our last name! I like that its frilly and has the nn Lina.

    Maylia - may-lee-ah this is the name we both had on our lists and had basically agreed upon. Its a family name on my side- Nan's name was may and its my aunts middle name. Hubby just told me he doesn't want to use it because its like naming her after myself. ( my name is Leah) he also prefers to spell it like malia.

    Names that made the final cut, but were eliminated cause they don't suit her are Zara, Elysia, and eilish.
    Our other daughters name is usual, so I don't want to chose a popular name. ( which is why I won't let him name her poppy )
    What are your thoughts. We have combos for all of them, but I don't want them to effect my choosing a first name I love.
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    Will it be -

    Zara, Catalina, Zinnia, Adara, Amarylla, Illyria or Eve


    Bodhi, Tadhg, Teague, Rafferty, Tavish, Reeve or Zephyr

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    Of your choices I like Dahlia (I would say Doll-ee-ah or Dall-ee-ah) and Poppy (and I have never once thought of poopy! ha! doubt anyone else would either). They are fresh and lovely choices, and I've never heard anyone in person with those names. Just decide on a pronounciation you like and inform family what you prefer when introducing her.

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    I really like Poppy. My favorite from your list. I prefer Carolina (Care-uh-lee-nuh) rather than Catalina. Dahlia and Maylia are nice also. Here are some others you may like

    Laila/ Layla/ Leila
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    I like Catalina for you. If Poppy's popularity is bothering you I'd stay away. I'm in the US so it's so weird to type that but I believe you : D. Dahlia is lovely but I can see the prn being frustrating and it seems like your husband's concern about Maylia sounding like Leah would apply to Dahlia too?

    Nn Lina is lovely.

    If hubby is too hung up on Catalina being too foreign what about Carolina (and in the UK? you don't have to worry about the lye-na prn that happens here in the US)? or Adelina? Evelina?

    You say you've ruled out several including Genevieve but I see Juliet and Ivy still on your list....where do they sound?

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    You have Genevieve in your signature - would you not consider this? Totally love it!

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