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    Needing alot of help choosing a girls name!!

    Hi, I am almost 6 months pregnant with a baby girl and am having a hard time deciding on a girls name with my husband. We currently have three kids: Sophia Kristine, Landon Scott, and Ava Alexandra. Here are some ideas we have, please please please help us!

    We have all been calling her Raya as a I was hoping I could incorporate it into a name somehow...

    1. Alexandria Soraya
    2. Auraya Jolie
    3. Auraya Emmaline
    4. Auraya Madeline
    5. Madeline Auraya
    6. Alexandria Auraya

    What do you guys think? Like I said, her nickname is Raya already and I'd love to keep it in her name. I know it's different but I would like to pair it with a timeless, classic/classy name too and not have it way too different from her sisters. Pleaseeee help us. Thanks so much in advance!!!!!

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    I don't really like Auraya as it sounds made up - but what abour Aurelia?

    Aurelia Madeline or Aurelia Emmeline are very nice and you can still easily pull off Raya as a nickname for Aurelia.
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    I like Madeline Auraya or Auraya Jolie

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    or just Raya, which according to some websites is Hebrew for "friend"

    and I really like your idea of Soraya, but I would put it as the first name.
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