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    Is Jane to plain to be a first name?

    Greetings again Nameberries!

    So recently, we've been really hooked on the middle name Jane for a girl.

    But we've started thinking...maybe it might be a great first name too.

    Some we are considering:

    Jane Cecilia
    Jane Cassandra
    Jane Diana

    Or any other suggestions? The last name is Reynolds.

    Other names we've considered for this baby if it is a girl (we aren't finding out until birth) are Diana, Sylvia, and Eleanor

    Our DD #1 is named Charlotte Rose.

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    I love Jane as a first name, I don't find it plain, but it's not frilly.. So I like a "frillier" middle name with it... Jane Cecilia is stunning!!!
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    Jane Cassandra is beautiful.
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    Jane Cecilia or Jane Cassandra are beautiful.

    Jane is not too plain for a first name. It has an understated elegance and is the ultimate classy name.
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    I love Jane as a first name--it's strong and confident. All your choices are great. Also, Jane Allegra, Jane Alexandra, or Jane Adele.

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