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    Middle name preference?

    Thanks so much for all of your help in choosing the first name for our soon to be born son! We finally settled on Sawyer. We are running out of time for finalizing the name as he should be here any day now. What is your favorite of the following combinations?

    Sawyer Clive (or Clyde)
    Sawyer Jameson
    Sawyer Yeats
    Sawyer Dean
    Sawyer Brooks
    Sawyer Warren
    Sawyer Eldon
    Sawyer Rush

    Clive and Jameson hold the most meaning for us the rest are family names or derived from family names as well. Thoughts?

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    Sawyer Rush has a cool vibe to me, like a super adventurous, slightly rugged boy. My next choice would be Sawyer Clive, since it flows so nicely.
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    I like Sawyer Jameson the best, followed by Sawyer Rush and Sawyer Brooks.

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    In no order, I like Sawyer Clyde, Sawyer Brooks, and Sawyer Rush

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    I LOVE Sawyer and it seems so masculine to me. Just as a friendly heads-up, many folks see Sawyer as a feminine name and it's given to a rising number of baby girls.

    My favorites are:
    Sawyer Clive - Just sounds so cool
    Sawyer Brooks - Rugged masculinity meets preppy southern chic
    Sawyer Rush - Sounds like a rockstar's name
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    Sarah Evangeline nn Sadie

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