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    Dutch-esque girl name for #4

    Hello! I'm Devin and I'm 32 weeks pregnant with my 4th child (sex unknown) and we're having a much harder time with names this time around that "fits" with our other children.
    My son is Leiden Dominic (LYE-din) after the city and university where dh and I met (he's got Dutch ancestry and I took a degree in Art History studying all the Dutch painters), so we got stuck in a bit of Dutch-esque thing, though we live in the U.S. His name came to us really easily, though we use the anglicized pronunciation not the Dutch, which is closer to LAY-din.
    My first daughter is Saskia Rosemary (SAHS-kee-uh), another Dutch name with links to art history.
    Then we had a beast of a time figuring out a name for our third child, but ended up with Aleydis Josephine (uh-LAY-dis), another antiquated Dutch name.
    We're kind of stuck now with another Dutch-esque name (or perhaps a Scando-Germanic name), even though nothing that we've come across so far is screaming THE ONE.

    On our list so far we have:

    Catharina/Katharina (seems a bit dull in comparison)
    Lysanne (though we'd like to avoid another L, S, or A name)

    Any suggestions?
    mom to
    Leiden Dominic (7)
    Saskia Rosemary (6)
    Aleydis Josephine (4)

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