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    I agree, Sylvia Christine or Sylvia Marine and Margot Christina are all solid.

    Do you like Sylvie Christina or Sylvie Martina?

    Did you look at Christiana? Margot Christiana is nice. Or if you're open to Sylvie, Sylvie Christiana.

    If you decide to go with DH's side of the family, I'm not sure how to work in Bruce but maybe something with a related meaning? Or does he have a middle name / nickname / interest that's more adaptable to a female name?

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    A lot of people I know stopped after only 2 kids. I don't mean to pry, but I think if you are not planning on having more kids possibly ever you should think about honoring his side of the family. That's up to you and you don't have to tell me your decision.

    That being said I do like:
    Sylvia Marilee (honors grandma Mary and mom Tina Lee)

    Margot Christabel
    I particularly like Christabel since your mother calls you Belle so sweet.

    If you don't like these choices you could chose to honor hubby's family this time. I think Bruce Christopher has a nice ring to it.

    Good Luck!

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    We definitely think we would try for a third child but with no guarantees of course. And certainly no guarantee that it would be a boy

    Had an interesting revelation today. Bruce means "from the brushwood thicket" and Sylvia means "from the forest" so with nearly identical meanings Sylvia could easily be conceived as a way of honoring DH's father and Sylvia Martine (love this!) or Sylvia Leigh or Sylvia Christabel could be honoring my mom and his dad at the same time!
    Mama to my little bunny girl (3/2011) and my silly bubble girl (11/13). Baby BOY is coming 9/17!!

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    Another vote for Sylvia Martine. So pretty!!

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    Here are some other similar name/combos to consider...

    Christiana Sylvie
    Margot Selene
    Christiana Margot
    Sylvia Crystal
    Carissa Margot
    Bella Selene
    Tiana Sylvie
    Margot tiana
    Christa Leigh
    Margot Zeili (prn zay-lee...similar to Sylvie)
    Azalea Sylvie
    Livia Margot

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